Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Little Doodle

I was really feeling parched, artistically, and wanted so badly to indulge in my art. For various reasons, I just have not been able to (mostly because of my health), but today I was determined I would at least doodle in my journal. I also had some issues pressing on me, and thought playing with my art would divert my mind. And it did!

Some of my brushes and my water pail had been patiently waiting for me to begin.

This is the journal doodle. I started out using a leaf stencil with oil pastel sticks and found out quickly that that wouldn't work, so I colored in and added the lines later. Acrylic paints, Stabilo pencil, torn pages of a Shakespeare play and some doodling and some press-ons, and I was pleased to be once again doing something artistically!

My husband and I made a donation to Water Missions International as our Christmas Gift to each other and to Tabitha. They are a fantastic organization which helps to supply water where ever it's needed - third world countries or when disaster strikes in any other areas, such as Hurricane Katrina. John knew the couple who started it and once they organized it, he served on their board until we left Charleston. They have saved many, many people's lives by providing safe drinking water.

I'll share some of the fun things we received:
Tabitha gave me a great book about the painter Renoir, written by his son. Renoir has always been one of my favorite painters and this is a very thick book, blending what was happening in the world with what was happening in Renoir's life. It's a used book, she knows I like used books because there are so many choices to be had for so little money. 

Tabitha also made four lovely stationary cards for John, each one an original ink print of different leaves. She had inked up the leaves and rolled them face down once she had them arranged the way she wanted. They turned out beautifully! She also gave him several bags of boutique popcorn flavors, as that is probably his favorite snack.

One of my sisters gave me a brightly colored, sturdy tote bag and a fuzzy pair of slippers. The slippers had to be exchanged because they were a size too small, so they weren't available when this photo was taken. They have since arrived!

Tabitha surprised me with postage stamps made of one of my paintings! This picture is a bit fuzzy because I scanned the whole page, and then realized afterward that they were too small to make out. So I cropped them to this size.  I've been busy using them, so that's why there is not a better picture, they are mostly gone!

And now I am very tired, but glad I could share a little with you!

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