Sunday, December 27, 2015

Meditations on Behavior

It is of great sadness to me that a man or woman is often the last to accept and acknowledge the shortcomings which are part of their interaction in the world, and indeed dutifully denies it based on the uninformed good cheer with which they are greeted by a small crowd of well wishers. Thus they keep on the blinders and do not seek to face the painful truth which is seen by others of a more stable nature and could offer great counsel which could serve them well in the long run. He or she does not take pains to seek those who are more truthful in their assessments. Instead, the ego is stroked by the small cheering crowd and thus the collapse of even greater proportions face all of the remaining particulars in the not so distant future. Humility has no value in the life of such a person.
Unfortunately, this type of scenario plays out over and over again, in public settings, in small groups, in areas where a person is responsible for the well being of others. It will not be resolved by the will of man, but instead requires much prayer, self searching and the desire to see healing and demote yourself in the eyes of others for the good of all. But the truth still comes down to whether the person at the center of the situation is willing to humble themselves and see the truth of the direction that they are traveling. If the attitude is one of self serving, passive aggressive actions and manipulative behavior, and that person is at the center of the storm, only by being willing to face themselves, and pray for God's direction, not the accolades of the people around them, will they at last have the welfare of others at the forefront of their actions and a safe path of healing and growing can begin.