Saturday, November 24, 2012

FINIS! on the Art Postcards!

I hope that my American readers had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We celebrated at a local nice restaurant, and I will tell more about that later. I finally finished the postcards I was doing for some other ladies who have this same illness. It was a protracted project because of my own illness, and some of the photos may seem a bit out of focus because my fibro has made it difficult to bend over. But all that aside, I hope you enjoy looking at them!

The beginning posts are herehere and here, if you would like to see how things started and how they progressed. The materials I used include printed tissue paper, acrylic paints, soft gel, silver leaf pen, gold leaf pen and copper leaf pen, sequins, pages from old books and music sheets, "gems", metal pieces, postage stamps, dried flower petals, old jewelry, and stencil.

 Please click on any postcard you would like to view closer for details.

Come see my latest postcards I've received on Postcards Buffet!


  1. Rebecca, I love your art! The colors are all my favorites.
    I also have Fibro...on Facebook as GwillisInc & on Swap-bot as GwillisInc

  2. lovely!! I know the recipients will love them.

  3. Exquisite! They are all so colorful and different, they should bring smiles, to everyone who receives one. Love you!


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