Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Marketing I Will Go

Well, it is too late for an official New Year's Resolution, and besides I gave those up years ago. So perhaps it is more realistic that I use this date to say that I really HOPE (not resolve) to share more of my thoughts and art on my blog on a much more regular basis. Perhaps I don't have any readers left - Ha! That's ok. I will write it, they will come. Won't they?

As an artist who also has do to marketing, I find myself warring with a dichotomy which seems endless. As a creator of art, I am sublimely at home using the right side of my brain, while marketing drains the left. The left side of my brain often looks foreign to me, and yet it is there that I must go to use the linear process involved. There are a few artists who are comfortable delving into either side of their brain, but I am not one of them. So I often catch myself, like a boss with a recalcitrant employee, shirking that responsibility. Yet I must market if I wish (and hope) to sell, to draw people to my art, to put my name out in front of people. I certainly am in no position to hire someone to produce this odious chore, so what hope do I have? I must slog along, using up my energy and time unless I wish to consider myself a hermit painter, finishing a canvas and then adding it to stacks of other finished canvases which have become like stacks of newspapers a hoarder might use to delineate his path. Oy.

Since this is mostly an art blog, here is a piece of art done recently.

(click for details)

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  1. Hey there,
    I understand what you mean! There seem to be so many ways you can market yourself. And, like you say, it takes so much time! Maybe we are lucky that we have so many choices. :-/
    Anyway, it's off to marketing for me too.

    I enjoy seeing your abstacts!


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