Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Full Day

I awoke feeling rested this morning so I knew I could make it to church! I had plenty of time to get ready, even though the service starts earlier than most church services (9:30 AM) and off we went. We took an umbrella just in case, because of the slight sprinkling of rainfall, and the ominous clouds off to the North. Corey Pelton, our new pastor, has started a series in Galatians and it was a wonderful sermon about the freedom in Christ as opposed to the legalism which permeates so much of Christianity. How often do I forget that!
      After the service, I actually felt like going out to eat, which was a grand feeling to have when so many days I can't bear the thought of tarrying too long away from home. We went to Molinas, a small Mexican restaurant, with Tabitha. I had a grilled chicken salad with pico de gallo sprinkled across the top. Spicy! While returning home the skies opened upon us, and while thankful for the umbrella, we did still get somewhat soaked while rushing up the back walk to the porch. The dogs sprang upon us with their usual joyous greetings once the door was opened. I wonder, do they think each time we leave that we are not returning? Or do they really miss us that much? I prefer to think the latter, and enjoy having the love of two animals who think having us around is the best thing ever!
     A bit later, I realized I hadn't refilled the bird feeders and I knew the bluebirds would be wondering where their daily treat of mealworms were. Sure enough, after putting bird food in the proper places, the bluebirds quickly appeared and stuffed their beaks. I went around to check the eggs in the Carolina Wren's nest on the porch and found that two had hatched, one egg was still waiting and somehow the other egg had disappeared. There were four eggs last week. Anyway, the babies are so teensy and were so warm and helpless in the palm of my hand. I didn't stay too long, because mama wren wanted her babies back. I will have to take pictures tomorrow!
     I also noticed the dishwasher was not draining again. Darn, I thought we had fixed it! We will try again tomorrow. Bah on that.
     I managed to do a bit of art today, and ordered some more Micron pens. I didn't have the energy to do much, but I am pleased that I had a full day, for me! I hope now that I get good rest tonight and will be able to chip away in some of the many piles we have to go through.

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  1. I'm really glad we could go out to eat today! :)


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