Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sayonara ATCs

Saying goodbye to the Asian series swap with #9, Thailand and #10, Asia continent!

(click to see details)

The background is a copy of vintage art from Thailand, and I am not sure what bird they represent. I added a postage stamp and a citron gem and used distress inks and Spica pens to add detail.


(click for details)

This image came from the top of an old box of stationery. I highlighted the continent of Asia with a mix of Diamond Glaze and glitter, then went over the small picture details with Spica pens. The Glitter Gem letters are from Making Memories and for the final touch, I added the tiny paper umbrella.

The Thailand ATC is going to New Zealand and the Asia ATC is going to Ohio.

It is very windy here today, and overcast. Yesterday, I saw 6-7 bluebirds perched on the bird feeders and bird bath, and several more flying around the area. Underneath the dwarf nandina I noticed a wood thrush busily hunting for a meal of grubs. The bluebirds were so beautiful as a group and the wood thrush makes the sweetest, richest sounds and it is probably my favorite bird call. If you want to hear it, click here. Since it usually summers at a bit higher elevation, it was probably passing through to its wintering grounds in the tropics.

And when John was walking the dogs, he spotted a huge beautiful buck in the fields and he said it was simply a majestic sight!

As I say, you never know what unexpected joys you may see!


  1. It's so bright and cheerful! I love the birds, they are very curious looking, and the elephants on the stamp are very ethereal to me. As usual you have tied every thing together to make it a wonderful piece! Love you!!


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