Friday, March 25, 2011

Collage on Deli Wrap

Another fun lesson from the Mixed Media Melange workshop. This is a collage on deli wrap paper. I added fabric, papers, cheesecloth, origami mesh, and acrylic paints. Then I top stitched on it and added vintage buttons and waxed linen thread. Now I need to think of a title for this!

(click for detail)

I really really enjoy making collages! I am going to be framing
some of these and hanging them.

And a quick Spring update - last week bluebirds built a nest in the bluebird box and Carolina Wrens built their nest using the nesting platform on the barn. Today I found 3 lovely Bluebird eggs in the nest, and 1 in the Wren nest. I will check on them later to see what the final count is.


  1. Oh, this is totally gorgeous--I love the layers and colors--wow!!!

  2. Love the collage! All the colors are terrific! Like green spring grass, all the hues of sunrises and sunsets, all the colors of the flowers that are blooming, I think it's marvelous! And Yay, the birds are back! Love you!

  3. your collages are absolutly beautiful,I am inspired!


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