Friday, March 18, 2011

Reverse Collage on Plexiglas

In the Mixed Media Melange class, this lesson was to do another reverse collage, this time on Plexiglas. So once again, you are looking at this through the Plexiglas and I had to do everything in reverse.

Vins Emporter
(click for detail)

The image of the vintage French wine label was put on as a transfer with a gel medium, collage bits added in layers, lace and stenciling also added. Acrylic paint added in transparency colors and also in opaque.

This was time consuming, because at first I had a lot of trouble with the transfer; in fact, this is the fourth one! The first three times was another image which I finally gave up on. Each time I had to scrap off the transfer which didn't adhere properly, so I am really kind of tired now. I'm pretty pleased with this as the first one, and will do others.


  1. This is beautiful,nicely done.

  2. Stunning! I love it. Lots of depth and plenty to look at and the colors are marvelous. Very well done! Love you!

  3. It turned out wonderful. I love it. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

  4. Reply in concern of Tag Tuesday....yes, DO IT!! Tag Tuesday needs a blog. That would be great news!!
    Heavens, look at this gorgeous collage too:)

  5. Love this wonderful collage! It had to be so fun to create??

  6. Hi Rebecca!.. I put in a little chirp at Kard Krazy that I would LOVE to see Tag Tuesday continue... I don't know if I could participate all the time, as I'm still trying to build up ANY confidence in paper art and crafting at all! I'm VERY new at this, and am still just starting to build up my own supplies of stamps and inks, etc, etc... But I think it's wonderful if Louise handed the reigns to you, and if you are indeed up for the challenge of running it! Please, I hope you'll let me know how this all turns out! ~tina


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