Thursday, May 5, 2011

Art Czech

One of the fun things about Postcrossing is that you never know what country you will be sending to or receiving from. I've received many really nice cards and yesterday a neat one came in from the Czech Republic. It was a card printed from a lino-cut that the sender had made. Lino-cuts are like wood block cuts, the artist carves the art in a square of linoleum backwards, then inks and prints it.

(click for detail)

The sender included his address on the postcard with the greeting, and when that happens, I try to send a thank you card back to them. So I cut out a third collage postcard piece and glued it to card stock and sent it to him.

(click for detail)

It's textured, so I hope it doesn't have a problem getting there! Today I sent out postcards to Russia, Ukraine, Taiwan, Belarus and the US. I don't usually send hand made postcards unless the receiver states in their profile that they like to receive them. It's a lot of fun!

Hope your day is going well!


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  1. Thought I commented already. I love the postcard you received. It's very unique. I remember lino cuts from art class in high school, they were lots of fun. The handmade cards you do are superb with all the cool colors and textures! Love you and hope you are having a good day!


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