Monday, May 23, 2011

Quick Cards

In the past couple of days, I made two quick cards to send out, one to my daughter and one to a friend outside of Fargo ND.

(click for detail)

(click for detail)

Nothing very fancy, but something fun to send a message in the US Mail!

The Bluebirds are raising their second brood and the juveniles from their first brood are hanging around the feeders now. Every time mom or dad Bluebird shows up at the feeder they start begging for the parents to feed them, even though they are quite capable of feeding themselves. We have a couple of small feeders with mill worms in them for the Bluebirds. I put the water dripper on the birdbath and it's been great fun to see them line up to use the birdbath now that the weather is getting quite warmer. I hung the hummingbird feeder from the top of the porch this year, right near where we sit. Now when the hummingbirds come, I can see through the clear bottom and watch their long thin tongue hit the bottom of the feeder in rapid repetitions! I'm hoping I can get some impatiens in the ground soon.

Enjoy your Monday!



  1. Love the cards, they are colorful and fun! How cool to have so much bird activity, it has to be enjoyable to watch them. I will have to remember to get help with my feeders when they come do the lawn Thursday. Love you!

  2. Love the cards, and the bird news. I saw an awesome Scarlet tanager the other day,first I've ever seen here in northen michigan,he just lit up the yard!
    hugs, Amy


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