Friday, July 1, 2011

And uh..... what are these??

In continuing the Chaos and Calm painting class, I did some canvas panels as the base for 2 pieces of art. I'm using blue painters tape to mask out different areas; on the red one, I put tape on before I painted and on the blue one, I am masking over painted areas. I will go back in now and add more paint to build on these, so stay tuned.......

Click either one if you want to see it closer.

I am finding as I do these classes just how much I love color and free form painting. I know that when I do tags or ATCs, I often have a rich color background and it just doesn't look right to me until I get it that way. Color is so expressive and it just makes me smile. I like to think that a bit of who I am on the inside is coming out and going on the canvas. I can't wait to finish these and see what the end results will be!

And tomorrow's my birthday! I hope I will have enough energy to celebrate with my family!! I'm glad I have people to celebrate with - yay!

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  1. One of the reasons I love your art is the color and depth and it IS a part of you and always makes me smile too. This will be fun, to watch it transform as you work on it, so please keep showing what's going on. Love you and I know you know that I hope your Birthday was great!


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