Monday, July 11, 2011

Not what I wanted

A few days ago, I posted some painted canvases at their beginning stages. I worked on one and it morphed into something I now classify as a "lessons" painting.

 (click for detail)
Before painting with blue tape masking areas

Cosmic Blossom
 (click for detail)

I'm not that thrilled over the transformation, but I learned a lot and see it as teaching me several valuable lessons about what works, how it works and why. It's a bit overcrowded and some of the red in the upper left corner needs to be on the right somewhere to balance it.  But I'm OK with that and look forward to growing with the next painting.


  1. I like the title and the stars. I wonder what the blossom would look like when it opens. Looks like a good job to me. Love you!

  2. it all comes down to balance, doesn't it. You are right about a touch of red in the lower corner. And rather than the circles, maybe more of the stars? I really like the blossom and washes in the background though. Nice painting! julie

  3. the pattern reminds me of an indian sari! really lovely mom :)

  4. I like the play of light color on dark. I don't think it needs much red to balance and maybe not the same intensity as in the upper left. I think just a smudge would do it. If this were paper craft, I'd say it's perfect. Just add an image to balance it. Since it's canvas, I'd just let it be. It is a very pleasant grouping of color and design.


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