Friday, December 21, 2012

A Gift For Someone

Ahhhhhhh, what a nice feeling! In spite of the horrible migraines, and lack of sleep which have filled most of December for me, I was able to accomplish something special for someone! And it was something important to me to get done. I cannot show you the gift, but I can show you the process of getting it out into the mail.

The hardest part was finding a box just the right size. Rochester is asking if I'm sure this will fit this box.

He has to inspect it to make sure....

He approves! 
"OK Mom, what's next?"

The packing material is on the bottom, and the present is wrapped with purple shoelaces.
A card is tucked under them, and we can see who it is for....... then the rest of the packing material goes over it and the box is sealed.

Rochester does the final inspection and approves of the decorations. (If I were stronger, I would have decorated the box a bit more nicely, but no one will complain, I'm sure!!)

Now, Judy, since you know that this is for you, you will promise me now that you WILL NOT open the wrapped present till Christmas DAY!!! You may unpack the box, but the gift remains wrapped till CHRISTMAS DAY, not Christmas EVE, OKAY?? And I know you will not lie to me, so I am taking you at your word. :)

I will post the picture of the gift after Christmas morning.

Merry Christmas!!

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  1. YES MAM!!!!!!! I am on pins and needles now just wondering what could it be! I have to make sure my mail gets picked up by Monday!!!! I hope they are open Monday, maybe i'll make him check tomorrow. Alas, I have one package for you but it will be late I think. Am sending it out tomorrow. It's late because it took so long to get to me. I am babbling on and on which means I am hyped and hurting, I'll go now and take my meds and try to calm down. I love you bunches!!!

  2. And oh yeah, where ever did you find purple shoe laces! :)


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