Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hey! I Just Saw The Space Station!

John and I just saw the Space Station moving across the sky from WNW to SSE, at exactly 6:55 PM, at a 43ยบ angle from the earth, travel time 6 minutes. How do I know all of that? Thanks to a fellow ME sufferer who told me how to do it, I signed up for notifications, and you can too, at NASA . You can sign up for morning or evening, or both, and you will get an email when it is an opportune time weather wise. They will send it to you several hours ahead. We got an email telling us when it would crossover tonight and I took my ordinary binoculars out with us, just in case, and we could see the brightest row of lights going straight across! Here's a photo someone else took of it from the ground:

And although we could not see the body, we could see the lights!! Isn't that just cool?!?! There are no blinking lights so if you see those, you are following a plane. And just imagine how great it would be if you had a strong pair of binoculars! The Space Station was really moving, so be sure you've spotted it before putting them up to your eyes. I don't know if a telescope would work, because of the speed. 

So sign up - whatever country you are in! And if you have kids, they'll love it! You will get an email every time it's opportune unless you unsubscribe from the mailings.

I'm telling you, it was exciting!! :)

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  1. we saw it yesterday morning!!!
    i had signed up a couple weeks ago for the same emails!!
    it was so cool. took my 8 yo grandson out to see it...he was very intrigued by it and told his friends about it!


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