Friday, May 17, 2013

New Art Cards In The Store AND A Story: The Gift

Just as I had hoped, I have now made art Note Cards for my shop BelleSouth Studio! Original Art! And yes, One Of A Kind! They would make great gifts! And they come with envelopes! Can you tell I'm excited? 
Yes, yes!

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These are watercolor and have paper tape down the side, with some stamping on two of them.

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These are acrylic and have numbered Gaffer tape on the side.

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And they have paint on the back as well as the front!

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The Gift
(63rd in The Story Series)

Yesterday I heard a loud THUMP against one of the windows and thought a bird had flown into it. As I rose from the bed, I noticed Rochester, my golden kitty, frantically slapping his paws around in several places as he stood on his hind legs. After a few minutes, he seemed to have success in whatever he was after, and dropped to the floor. As he trotted toward me, he was mewing softly and urgently and I realized I was about to be given something.

As he came to my feet, he stopped and lowering his head, he gently placed a...... FLY before me. The Fly, realizing after a couple of seconds that he was free, took off, no doubt grateful he had escaped this furry creature. Rochester looked confused when it flew away, but received my thanks gratefully, purring loudly as I petted him and congratulated him on being the Mighty Hunter.

Later, as I was once again resting on the bed, he was at the same window, staring upward fixedly. I realized The Fly was probably there again, looking longingly at the freedom outside. Suddenly Rochester lunged, pummeling the windowpane with his paws again, and once more claimed victory by dropping to his feet and trotting toward my bed. This time he hopped up beside me to offer his gift, and the poor Fly was too injured to do anything but try to crawl madly away. Rochester kept pinning him down, taking him into his mouth and bringing him back to me. Finally a tissue dispatched The Fly and again there was confusion as to where his trophy had gone. But after he had received affection and soft words, he was happy and curled up to take a nap.

I know that is a habit of cats to bring back their kills. Our outside cat has left us mice, shrews, birds, and recently a baby bunny (I know, that was sad. He had the cutest little ears....) I'm just thankful that the inside cat has nothing bigger than the size of a fly to find in the house!

PS-I know it looks like I have no readers because I receive so few comments, but the truth is several people simply comment on Facebook. That's fine and all, I would just love to see some comments on the actual blog for others to read. (Hint, Hint)

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  1. Every little gift in life helps! Rochester is doing his best for you! I loved the story. Love, Nita

  2. This is such a delightful story! How fun to have found your blog. I too am disappointed when I have no comments on my blog :( but hey, I only really started it a little while ago... It's nice to get to know you!


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