Thursday, July 18, 2013

It's A Mistake! Well No, Not Really.

As artists, we all turn out something we look at and frown - what was I thinking! We may be so frustrated that we have a strong urge to throw it into the trash. But wait! Hold onto it for a while, you may discover something you didn't see before.

Here is a piece that I did when I discovered Heavy Gel and stenciling. Wow, I thought - this is great! And I happily overdid it until the end result was just not something to write home about.

The coloring was nice, but what could you say about the piece? No focal point, no point at all actually, other than showing what different stencils I had. So I stuck it on a shelf and decided that at some point I would comeback to it and figure something out.

Fast forward about a year later, and I pulled it off the shelf, and had another look at it. Suddenly I had an idea! I put more Heavy Gel on it to bring it up almost to the where the stencil shapes were. I painted several layers on it, and rummaged through my stacks of papers, did some cutting, some detail work and arranged them on the piece. And ta-da, here is what we have now!

What a difference, right? So don't be too hasty about mistakes - they could be "happy accidents" in disguise!

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  1. I like how the texture of the stencils brings to mind the textures that might be under the mushrooms' caps :)


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