Thursday, August 22, 2013

Been A While

Which I'm sure is not news to anyone, if I have any readers left. This past month has been a difficult one, as I have had to learn how to balance trying to promote my artwork, within the confines of this illness. I have been adding photographs, and older pieces of art to my galleries at and trying to keep up with the different groups I've joined to promote within the site itself, and I have also run myself into a flare/crash, so I have also been spending a lot of time on the bed. I will go sort of backwards here, and show you what I am working on now, then in the upcoming days, show what I have added to the site. (And you can always just go there and see it by yourself!)

Remember, these are all unfinished.

A few whimsical pears .....

An abstract with OPEN paints .....

And a collage.

I'm very tired, so I will leave you to ponder on how these will turn out and hope that you will come back to see!

Click on any photo you would like to see closer!
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  1. oh! i like the fish. I didn't see that one yesterday. What is that text? "The Three Witches?" :) Sounds interesting!


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