Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another Lovely Day and More Art

It's a bit warmer than the other day when I posted, but the breezes make it very pleasant and it's more Autumn like than Summer, so I will take it! The dogs enjoy it too, and don't want to come inside when we are ready. The Ruby Throated hummingbird is practically camped out on the hummingbird feeder, so I guess it's filling up with as much energy as it can before taking the incredible migration journey. It will increase its body weight by 25-40% before leaving and then it will fly solo, not very high off the ground, on its journey. Did you know that hummingbirds don't usually fly in flocks? They are so tiny, predators have a hard time seeing them, so if they were in a flock, they'd be easier to spot. Ruby Throats will fly over the Gulf of Mexico, a 450 mile flight over water with a 20 knot headwind for more than 22 hours flying time to make it to their favorite feeding grounds in Mexico. An amazing creation!

I'm still working on diminishing the scrap pile and from that these two cards appeared:


 Greeting Card
(click on card for better views)

They were both mailed off today and I hope the recipients like them. I made another envelope from a map for the greeting card. I would say that being a mixed media, altered art or collage artist provides one with the best of both worlds in recycling and creating!

For a Skinny Swap (3x5), the guidelines required something pink. Ta da!


I used a vintage postcard image background, crepe paper flower, waxed cord with beads, microbeads, distress inks and Sakura pens. It's almost Spring like, but that's ok on this Autumn day!

Hope that your day goes well!

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  1. It is wonderful to know you are having some excellent days! Your creations are beautiful as usual, and I love the history that you include in your posts. The hummingbird is indeed an amazing creation. I saw a program once that showed some of them hitching a ride by sitting beneath the feathers of geese. An interesting program it was! Love you!


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