Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Button and Banner

This is a "two fer" - a project for two challenges:Kard Krazy Tag Tuesday (make a banner) and Mixed Media Monday (add a button).

The Rainbow
(click for details)

The image is a detail from a painting by Louisiana artist Jack Meyers (1930-1994) entitled The Rainbow Store. I added a a bit of Nostalgia tape from Tim Holtz, a banner of numbers on the right and a gear and shank button at the top of the tag. Gel pens were used to edge the banner and the edge of the tag.

This morning I went outside to add food to the bird feeder, and before I was even out of the door I could hear the call of a Sharp Shinned Hawk. As I approached the feeder, the call was very loud, and I noticed he was perched on the edge of the roof, just as he took off, still calling. Right after that I caught sight of a second one coming from a tree on my right. Evidently they were planning on dining and I interrupted them. Originally I thought that it was a Red Tail hawk which was attacking the birds, but a couple of weeks ago, the Sharp Shinned hawk landed at the edge of the yard long enough for me to mark and identify him (or her). They are smaller than the Red Tail and mostly eat small birds, sometimes as large as the Bob White Quail. Their wings are designed for ease in darting through tree limbs to chase birds on the wing. I think it's a pretty bird, but I am a bit startled at how unafraid they are by hanging out so near the house. Well, in this case, one was ON the house! So I guess that I better get used to having these around. I'm sure I will see more of them as winter comes on and food becomes more scarce for it. 


  1. I love the image you used on your tag, such vibrant colors!

    We had a red tail hawk in our back yard last month too. We watched as it picked something up from a tree and flew off with Robins, sparrows, and cardinals chasing after it (must have grabbed a baby out of a nest).

  2. Oh wow, I love this!!! What an awesome tag!!!

  3. Great work. Have a blessed week. Debbie

  4. Your work is beautiful, and I loved the story of the hawks! They DO seem bold. Lucky thing you're not on their food chain!

  5. Beautiful work. Love the banner. I love to watch the hawks working in our yard/woods. One year they had a nest in the front yard and we watched the progress of the babies till all 3 learned to fly. But I sure wouldn't want to be a prey. Those talons look "fiercesome."

  6. I love your work! And the background is gorgeous as well! Great Tag *Ü*

  7. Excellent work! The store in the painting reminds me of Granpop's old store and brings to mind lots of great memories! Yesterday I saw the pair of Red Tail hawks that are hanging out somewhere nearby. I usually see them several times a week. Still haven't found their nest. Love you!

  8. Love the layering... what a beautiful tag with all of the colors!

  9. Love the vibrant colors! What an awesome way to use the banners! Love this!

  10. I love the colors in your tag. It makes it so beautiful.

  11. Your tags are all lovely. I dropped by however from Tag Tuesday at Kard Krazy. Dont you just love the tissue tape from Tim Holtz? I just got some for the first time a few days ago and have used it every chance I get!
    Take Care~ Sherry

    PS~ My entry for Tag Tuesdays Challenge can be found on my blog at http://scrappingwithsherry1.blogspot.com/ if you would like to take a peek. Thanks!


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