Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mixed Media Altered Box (Mixed Media Monday) and 2 ATCs

 I altered this box after viewing this video on Youtube. It is a foiled box which was made as a gift:

(click for better views)
It's the first time I have altered a box and it was great fun. The video was shared by another friend and she made some wonderful altered dominos from it. This is being submitted to Mixed Media Monday for the theme "I've Been Wanting To...". Mixed media includes foil, Lumiere paint, acrylic paint, gold leaf and lacquer.

Life's doings has kept me from posting lately, so I will include several projects today. This ATC and the following ATC are for swaps that I host for a group on Swap-Bot.

History of the Name Of Each Month - September:
September simply comes from the Latin word for seven. Not only did the Romans hold games to honor their gods this month, so did the Greeks - the Olympic Games.

World Tour - San Marino:
(click for details)
San Marino is a tiny republic in the northern part of Italy. It is one of the smallest countries in the world - 24 square miles,and its population numbers about 30,000. This is an altered art ATC.


  1. Well I posted a comment hours ago, don't know what happened to it. I LOVE the box! I also like the intertwined rings and the history of September and the same for San Marino. The hinges are a nice touch. I watched the video and I think I would like to try that. What kind of material is the original box you used? You inspire me!

    Love you sis!

  2. I really love the hinges/overall look of the San Marino piece.... every day you're getting better and better and I get more impressed!

  3. lots of great texture on the box.. well done (I love texture)

  4. Your box is great I love the chain and the medallion the perfect touch...it will be a cherished gift.

  5. That box looks fab - full of mystery!

  6. Oh my .... what a beautiful selection of stunning pieces and the box is amazing!

  7. Your box is amazing,Rebecca. I'm off to look at the video. I love what you achieved! Diane

  8. Congratulations, Rebecca! I have chosen your stunning box as art of the week on Mixed Media Monday this week :-) Diane


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