Sunday, June 19, 2011

Breaking Free

Yesterday I showed the baby Bluebird which had broken free of its shell to begin its new life. I mentioned that there was one egg left, and here it is! The baby inside is slowly breaking free of the shell with its tiny claw, you can see it there in the center. I think this is incredible and it puts me in awe of God's infinite powers of creation!

(click for detail)

It will take a long time to break free, but when it does, it will have built up the strength it will need to continue to grow into an adult Bluebird.

A happy Father's Day for the Bluebird family! And I hope you had a nice one as well!



  1. That is an incredible photo! God is so awesome! Love you!

  2. What a great photo ...thanks for sharing. My mommy Robin has 3 beautiful blue eggs but will noy allow even a fly near her nest.
    Hugs, Amy


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