Wednesday, June 15, 2011


For months we have known we had a opossum living under our back porch. Sometimes the dogs stood over the spot where it was hiding and would whine and bark, and you could hear the possum growling and spitting back at them. Our Wildlife camera had captured photos of it roaming around during the night, and once and a while the dogs would be out in the evening when it had come out from under the porch, and they would chase it back. We have been trying to capture it in a "trap and release" trap for several weeks and it as been too wily to get caught. Until a couple of days ago!

We switched from putting peanut butter as an enticement to trying cat food. After the third or fourth day of that, the possum let its guard down and suddenly found himself no longer free! The dogs discovered it the next morning and were in a frenzy to "greet" it personally; the poor thing would never have stood a chance if it had been able to get out of the trap!

The creature was loaded into the car, driven for about 11 miles, then released. I didn't know it could move so fast as I watched it scramble up a hillside in broad daylight. I hope where ever it is, it is safe and happy. I just don't want it back here!

It's almost cute... almost.



  1. my hubby absolutely HATES possums!!!
    even as a PA Game Commission Deputy
    he didn't want to have to deal with them.
    here's the reason behind this: when he was about 12 years old he was riding his super
    Schwin bicycle with the basket on the front.
    he stopped on the sidewalk in front of his
    neighbor's house, under their big maple tree.
    OOPS!!! guess what fell from the tree right
    into his basket in front of him???
    that's right...Percy Possum lost his grip
    on that tree limb and dropped in to see my
    hubby up close and personal!!! eeeeekkkkkk!!!!

  2. Hahahaha! Love your tale Sis and yours too Bear's Mom! They visit my porch every night looking for cat food. Most of the time I have remembered to bring it in but once in a while they get to have it. Of course my two cats just sit on the porch railing and watch.

  3. We have one in the barn. Loves to hang from the rafters and drive the dog nuts.
    Hugs, amy

  4. They look like BIG rats to me...ugh...we had one driving us nuts all winter living under our deck...and it would look in our slider in the kitchen driving Nellie into a its a raccoon driving us nuts at night....never ending when you live in the country I guess!!


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