Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Yes, A Snake!

My husband was coming in from walking the dogs when he spotted this and brought it in for me to see. It's a Northern Red Belly snake; it was sunning itself on the edge of the driveway. He knows I like anything to do with nature and we had never seen this particular snake since we moved here.

haha, bet you didn't know it was this small!

The red belly of the Northern Red Belly snake.

They only grow to 8.5 inches long!

It was very calm and friendly.

It's a very beneficial snake, eating slugs, soft bodied insects and worms. It should be hibernating before long.

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  1. Wow, photos are deceptive, I thought it was large based on the first one! I don't think I could hold it though. Very interesting find. Love you!

  2. Very interesting but I don't care much for snakes. Glad they are out there but not in my hand!


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