Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dance My Child

Another journal page, playing with gesso, scraps, acrylic paints, oil pastels, old image, ribbon and Stabilo pencils in a collage. This may or may not be finished, I'm not sure!

(click for details)

Weather is much more humid today, and I guess that it should be expected - after all we are in the South! I will be glad when the Grackles stop overpowering the bird feeders - I know they are feeding babies, but they are such bullies and take so much! The Bluebird eggs have hatched in the standing birdhouse and they look so helpless. The parents are very protective of them. We have a chipmunk living in the rock pile near the birdhouse and when the chipmunk scampered out, the Bluebird parents started dive bombing the poor thing, even though he is not the least interested in the babies! 

And life goes on!

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  1. Oh those nasty Grackels. I bang on the window ,the dog barks but to no avail ! They are real pigs.


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