Sunday, May 20, 2012

Journal Page

Another journal page. Sometimes a page is worked on over several days time, until it seems "done". On other pages, I scribble and make notes of ideas I see in some of my art publications. This one has a scribble and then it exploded into art over several days, as I had the energy.

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I used acrylic paint, stencils, oil pastels, rubber stamp, postage stamps and a bit of lace, on top of collage scraps and pages.

What beautiful days we have been having! It is the 20th of May, and nighttime temps are down in the high 50's, with daytime in the 70's. My darling husband bought me a rope hammock for Christmas and I have been able to put it to great use! I have had the window open in my studio and have enjoyed the bird calls and buzzing of bees. The peanut feeder outside my window has been refilled many times, as Downy and Hairy woodpeckers, finches and titmice fight over whose turn it is. The bluebirds in the standing birdhouse has started another family and the ones on the porch nest platform have launched their first brood. I saw a Chipping Sparrow with a beak full of dried grasses to line its nest. I had to change some of the configuration of the bird feeders because the greedy Grackles were wiping out everything before many of the other birds had a chance. I've watched cardinals, bluebirds, starlings, titmice, and several other birds feed their flying young which followed them to the feeders. The breeze is wonderful! I saw a chipmunk run to hide in the pile of rocks in the back yard. Flowers are growing and the red rose we planted in the corner of the fence is a beautiful spot of color with the sunshine on it. 

We are blessed!

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  1. Summer is so delightful. We enjoy the birds too. I have an Indigo Bunting that visits quit often,such a beauty.
    Love your collage, I can see many layers.
    It was 89 here yesterday and today too,a bit too hot for me.

  2. lovely, mom! looks like Spring!

  3. Ohh!yes you are so blessed, on where you live
    and certainly for your creativity !!


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