Friday, May 4, 2012

Just a Quick Update

Rough nights the past view days! I have worked some on my project, but it was usually at night when I am so exhausted but sleep won't come. And then last night, I tripped as I was getting ready to come back down to bed, and I stumbled in to the drawing table and turned it over! (It's a bit top heavy on the side where the lamp attaches) So with a resounding CRASH! over went the pail of water with my brushes in it, the stand which holds the cubbie drawers with odds and ends, all of the jars of gel mediums and glazes, paint, containers of brushes (including a pitcher from the 1780's which thankfully did not break!) papers, odds and ends - you wouldn't believe how much stuff was on that table! I went downstairs to get a towel to soak up the water, separated out the paintbrushes which had been soaking, and put my lamp back in the holder, and discovered one of the bulbs is now broken. I picked up a few other things, but the rest is still up there, I just have not had the heart to go up and pick it all up. I got perhaps 3 hours sleep last night, total. My body just would not let go, and it's gotten worse in the past two nights, so I think I'm headed on a downward curve. The good news is, hopefully I will soon be on an upward curve! I just pray that it would not be too much longer. Having no sleep severely affects everythng else!

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  1. oh my goodness... i'm glad the table didn't fall on you! How long did Abby and Taylor bark after all the noise? :)


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