Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cross Country

On Tuesday, our daughter embarked on a cross country trip to Los Angeles. She has a friend who has MS and is moving out there and did not want to make the trip alone. On the previous Friday, she became very ill with a bad head cold and we weren't so sure she'd make the trip. But even though she felt only slightly better on Tuesday morning, she made the decision to go and now she's very glad she did.

They are driving on I-40, which ends at Barstow California. I'm familiar with I-40 on this end, as it goes near Asheville NC (about 2 hours above us) and on across NC to Wilmington at the coast, but I didn't know it went clear across the country. Every time they cross a state line, I get a text - "Tennessee!" "Arkansas!" "Oklahoma!" "Texas!" and the most recent - "Neeeew Mexico!". They are making very good time, and will take a side trip in Arizona to spend some time at the Grand Canyon. I am very happy that she will get to spend some time there, and a little envious - I've never been and always wanted to; John went to see it and even was able to hike a little bit when he had a business trip to Phoenix a few years back. Now I'm the only one in our family who hasn't seen it and I really don't know if I ever will. But she will at a young age, so she'll always have those memories.

Anyway, when she gets there, she will return home by plane. Thankfully, her friend will be driving around Los Angeles - I was a little nervous about her navigating those very, very busy highways! We will be keeping her dog Kit tomorrow till she returns; Kit's been staying with another one of her friends and I'm quite sure our big dog Abby will be thrilled to have her here. I hope it doesn't rain and the dogs can spend some really good  quality doggie time outside!

Interstate 40

We're looking forward to seeing her when she returns. She told me on the phone this morning "You know Mom, I really like our country!" How's that for a postive few of the US?

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  1. It's a great trip - we did a similar trip about 10 yrs ago - covering a lot of Route 66 - some much to see in this world - so little time!!! Australia is huge too - haven;t got to the west coast here yet - maybe one day!

  2. Hey Sis, I can commiserate with you on not ever seeing the Grand Canyon!! I've always wanted to ride the burros down to the bottom. Sounds like Tabitha is having a good safe drive and I hope she has oodles of fun! Love you!


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