Sunday, March 10, 2013

Well Hello World!

So it's been two months since I posted, and it was a pleasure to hear from some folks that they wondered what happened, and was hoping I'd be back. I'll try to sum up what's been going on for me in the past two months.

January was a pretty good month for me health wise, comparatively. For some time I had been considering opening a store on Etsy so that I could begin to get rid of the things that I still had left from my antiques business. When I had to close it in 2008, I tried to get rid of as much stuff as I could, but there is still enough lying around to warrant trying to sell it off. With my daughter's help, I opened BelleSouth Mercantile, and began to add items to the store.  After some urging from some of my friends to sell my art, I also opened a shop for just that - BelleSouth Studio. I have been blessed with actually selling some things from the first store, but I have not had the time to really put much on the second one, or to do anything really new except for a couple of things. Those who have read my blog before know about the Spoon situation, but those that don't can read about it here. To put it simply, I was using up all of the spoons I had available everyday, and that is not a good thing. So in February, my body laid me out with a relapse, and although I still was able to do some things, I had to take it easier with myself than I had before.

Now it is March, and I am still not back to where I was in January. I am doing a little bit, and marshaling my time better. I even tried some new things with art, going in a different direction that I had before. Here is what I've done:

I call these the Worldly Birds. (You have to go to my art store to see why!) They are done on 6 x 8 flat canvases. It was hard to get a really good shot of them, but they are for sale. I have enlarged them and made prints mounted on wood, and they turned out pretty cool, but I haven't taken shots of them yet. Some of my other pieces will also be for sale and I plan to do some new ones as I have the strength. I also am selling postcards!


I also have some on there that were experiments that I couldn't let go to waste, and so I'm selling them as a grab bag. These pictured here were close ups of my texture piece called The Old Mine. And I have a variety of others I will be selling. 

So, I really hope to be back blogging on a much more regular basis, and I would be thrilled if you go to my stores, and "follow" and "favorite" my stores. And hey, if you want to buy something I would not mind that at all!! :) And of you have an constructive comments, please let me know!

Glad to be back!!

Click on any photo to see it closer.
Come see my latest postcards I've received on Postcards Buffet!


  1. Welcome back - so glad you're OK - will check out your stores - take care - Chris

  2. Nice to see you back. I'll have to check out your shops.
    I love your worldly birds,very cute !

  3. YaY!! You are back! Love the birds! Love you!


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