Tuesday, March 12, 2013

In The Mail

Today I received something I was not looking forward to - a large fat envelope from Medicare. It was only recently that I realized that once you are 65 (which I will be in July), you are required to enroll on Medicare. We already have very good insurance through my husband's retirement and I do not understand why the government doesn't allow a person to choose whether they want to enroll or not. Doesn't it make more sense if people are allowed to keep their private insurance and then the government isn't out any money on that person's health care? Of course, a lot of things do not make sense that the government makes law.

Medicare was enacted in 1965, as a way to assist older Americans who were in poverty and received no health care. But now it's a burdensome baggage on the tax payers. And I will soon join its ranks as a consumer of this burdensome baggage.

The plus for us right now is that my husband is 5.5 years younger than me, so his insurance will act as my supplementary insurer until he turns 65. At least that helps, so we don't have to slog through the paperwork trying to figure out who to turn to, at least not for a while.

Ah, the pleasures of growing older. Not.

(Well, OK there are some pleasures, but this ain't one of them!)

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  1. There will probably be more of those crazy envelopes with more nice size almost books. I have enough material on Medicare to fill a shelf on my book shelves. And you need to get C&D from another carrier.

    I don't feel bad having to be on it, since all of that money that was taken out of my check for 30+ years. If it wasn't for Medicare, I would not be in this house, I would probably be under a bridge!

    Love you bunches!


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