Thursday, April 25, 2013

Still Exploring!

My last post was about the fun I was having with the new art of gel printing. So ever since, I've been having ideas swirl around in my head "What if I try this..." "What about that idea...." "It be it would be interesting if......" and so this morning I had my first opportunity to try something. With the ones I printed on card stock, I made some greeting cards! And the paint texture is wonderful - you will love to rub your fingers across them!

Because the gel plate is 8 x 10, and the envelopes I had would hold a 5.5 by 4.24 card, I could either just get one card from the print, or I figured if I painted the white area, I could get two out of the print!

And they way I positioned the cardboard template I made, I had a white space at the bottom so that I could stamp the name of my shop and the website, and the website of my blog as well!

The front and back of each card are different, and no two cards will be alike.

My daughter thought this card reminded her of a sari, so I gave it to her to use.

My husband really liked this blue one ......

.... so I gave him this one to use!

My idea is to make up several of these and sell them in my store.

Probably I will put them in sets by color.

These are just experiments, but I will use the ones I have left for personal correspondence. I also realized that I am going to need a heavier weight card stock to have them look professional - the regular weight is a bit flimsy.

So look for them soon in my Etsy Store - BelleSouth Studio. I think they would make great gifts! 

And I made a Facebook page - Bellesouth Studio, dedicated to me as an artist and featuring the works for sale in my store. Please come visit that page and click on the Like button up in the right corner - the more likes I get the better! :) And send your friends there too if you think they would enjoy seeing the art work - thanks!

I wanted to do more, but I was very disappointed to feel the fatigue creeping in, telling me I had used up a lot of spoons doing this (the Spoon Theory), but I will be back to them as soon as I can. Now I just have to find a source for good card stock paper!

Click on the photo to see anything closer.
Come see my latest postcards I've received on Postcards Buffet!

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