Monday, March 31, 2014

Photography Processing

I have always loved photography and am now expanding into that bit by bit. Since I can only travel once in a while, and then not very far, I have come to see that there is much in "my own back yard" that I can use as photographic fodder. I have also fallen in love with processing a photo, by using Photoshop and textures. I am still in the beginnings of understanding that, but it's fun. Because of the cognitive issues associated with ME, I tire very easily when doing it, because I am not at the point where it is second nature. But it's so enjoyable, and I am hoping my skills will expand over the next few months.

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This is a simple pile of rocks on the side area of our property. I took a shot while they were lightly dusted with snow and then processed it with filters and other steps to make a nice graphic image

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In an area we call "the meadow" (mainly because we don't mow there!), we have wild daisies in the spring. This shot was processed with several layers of textured backgrounds and then I colored in the middle of the daisies.

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The Iceland Poppy is a free stock photo which I again added to it texture layers, ending with one which had words printed from an old hymn. Someone purchased a copy of this with matting and a frame and it looked gorgeous. 


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  1. Lovely shots - I have a friend who takes the most magnificient shots just in her back yard! Looks like you'll be able to do the same! She also manipulates photos & has fabric printed. Technology is wonderful & I'm so pleased to have friends that use it so well.


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