Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring Surprise!

This has been a pretty rough winter on this side of the equator. Even as I write this, there is still snow falling in the northern part of the US and tornado warnings in some of the middle states. Here though we went abruptly from very cool temps to using the A/C. I understand the temperatures will modify some during this next week, so perhaps we can keep the windows open a bit more.

This morning I went to check the bluebird nest box and found 4 eggs. On the front porch on the nesting ledge, there are 5 eggs in that nest. Anyway, as I was returning from the box, I noticed spiky purple blooms in the front yard. I knew that the wild violets were blooming but these looked very different. I checked them out, and the are grape hyacinths!

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It was just a small bunch, so my husband was able to move them in one shovel full to the bed by the back walk. Hyacinths grow from bulbs, so I have NO idea how they got into the front yard. But this fall, we will separate the bulbs and replant them. What a nice spring surprise!

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We have several varieties of hosta by the back porch and they are pushing through now too.

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The thrift is blooming, along with the violets. Violets are an invasive plant and so they will eventually get dug up, but not to fear, when you think you have them all, some still show up next year!


  1. Our whole front yard is overrun by grape hyacinth! No idea how we got them either. :)


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