Monday, December 1, 2014

A Long Hiatus

I admit, I have taken a long hiatus from blog writing. Many different factors went into that, which I won't rehash here, except to say that this illness is always a part of everything. But I'm back, and my desire is to keep the blog regularly as life goes on.

During this time, I have pursued new avenues to expressing my creativity, and the one that has left the biggest imprint in my growth has been Encaustic Art. With each art piece I show in my gallery, I add this bit of information:

Encaustic comes from the Greek word "enkaustikos" which means "to burn (in)" and is an ancient form of art. Each melted wax layer is mixed with resin for strength and body. An encaustic art piece is made up of many layers and uses clear wax or natural wax (which has a warm yellow tint) and wax paint which also includes resin.. Special brushes are needed. The surface of the finished piece is either smooth or textured. 

I have learned a lot. It isn't easy and takes some practice to work with a medium which has a short working period. Many artists are much better than I am at the moment, but I have really enjoyed learning and practicing this.

Here are a few that I have done, and you can always go to my Bellesouth Studio site at and click on the Encaustic Gallery.

Gypsy At Dawn
(click for details)
This piece was done on plaster.

 Serene Mist
(click for details)
Done on handmade paper, which was attached to a substrate.

(click for details)
Carving in warm wax, then dry brushing colored wax over the raised parts. This is two 6 x 6 pieces glued together as somewhat of a mirrored image.

I'm happy to be back and I hope you enjoy seeing my art as I continue to share that part of my life with you!

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