Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Several ATCs and off to surgery.......

I have a couple of swaps left to complete over at Swap-Bot and finished them up in the past few days. I am having my second surgery on my right eye this afternoon and wanted to have them out of the way.
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I used a lot glitter on both of them, but it doesn't really show. These ATCs are to finish up the History of the Month's Names. The names simply stand for the numbers 9 and 10, which was their position on the early calendars. In the 9th month, November, the Romans celebrated a feast to Jupiter and in the 10 month (Roman numeral X) the Christians used the same date as the festival of the winter solstice, the 25th. It was an easy thing to make the Birthday of the Unconquered Sun, which wakes all nature from its winter sleep, into the Birthday of the Unconquered Son of God, who brought new life and hope to the world. December also had two names among the Angles and Saxons: "Wintermonath", and "Heligmonath", that is, "holy month", from the fact that Christmas falls in this month.

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This last ATC had to be collaged. My theme intertwines school and play, with a tiny clipboard at the top.

And now, I must get ready for eye surgery and will be back to chat later in the week!

UPDATE - Back home now and things went very well. Praises!


  1. really nice ATC's
    good luck on your surgery :)

  2. They are all great! I am praying you through your surgery! Love you!

  3. Rebecca, your cards are awesome..as always! Please keep us posted on how you are feeling, etc.
    Get well soon.


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