Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tag Tuesday - Bingo!

The challenge today at Kard Krazy was to use a Bingo card on the tag. I have a stack of old Bingo cards in various colors and fonts, and all kinds of ideas came to mind, but then I remembered something I had saved from several months ago.

I have several 19th century French Bingo cards, and they are different from the American ones. One of them is yellow and the others are green. They are a treasure to me, but I did not put them up out of reach of my dogs. I came upon Abby gleefully tearing apart several of them, and one of them was the yellow one! Arrgh! Only an artist would save the pieces (right?) and I did, just for today. And I still have some left over!

French Bingo
(click for detail)

I attached them to the tag, added a few epoxy Fleur de Lis, a large Baroque tulip, and Sakura pens and Stickles for accents. It's topped off with fiber and ribbon anchored by a button with a pop of color.


  1. Very unusual looking Bingo card! I love the accents!

  2. Love your bingo tag. My hubby has been off all week and the weather is unbelievably warm 70's in Indiana in November is unheard of! So, I didn't get a tag done last week. I wanted you to know that I am having a giveaway though so please come by. Debbie

  3. Oh I adore the French Bingo Card, the Fleur de Lis is gorgeous. I've come to love the Fleur de Lis, my Son-in-Law is from New Orleans and they have this everywhere.


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