Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Art class continues......

This lesson was focused around putting together a collage on Tyvek and then painting over it. As you will see, I have a ways to go in developing this. I enjoyed using the Tyvek, and I always like collage, but there were some bumps along the way.

Before the painting.....
(click for detail)

After the painting.......
(click for detail)

Some observations on this project:

*I seem to struggle with the tonality (balance of light and dark) of the picture as a whole. My husband suggested viewing it in black and white to get a better feel of what was going on in the painting, and that was very eye opening! I need to learn that balance.

*Paint has never been the main part of a project in the past, only a supporting player. I have a lot to learn using it as the main ingredient.

*I have not worked on an area this large (18 x 22), most of my pieces are much smaller in size. I wanted to fill every area with deep colors.

*This is my second attempt at the project and I find my self becoming rather emotional about it, so I think it's time to put this aside and move on to the next lesson for now. I can always come back to it when I am ready to try again.


  1. way to go, mom! I can tell you are learning and growing. I'm so proud of you. :)

  2. I love both the before and after. Looks like autumn moving into winter and then an explosion of spring. I see all kinds of things in it. And I'm not on my meds at the moment either. Ha! I totally adore the colors in the painting. I think you are doing a terrific job! Love you!


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