Friday, February 18, 2011

ATCDivas Feburary ATCs and Crocus!

For the ATCDiva's group, our February design was Snowflake. Now I must tell you, this one was sort of a contradiction, because for the past few days, the temperatures have been in the high 60's F during the day and sunny. In fact, tomorrow it's supposed to be in the low 70's! Much much different than the past few years and it's still 30 days till the first day of Spring. Several years ago we had an earlier Spring than usual, and then in April we had a cold snap which killed a lot of the blooms. I certainly hope that will not be the case this year!

(click for details)

I have two shots of these because they were a bit hard to photograph. I had laid down Silver Leaf pen as a resist, then painted over it with acrylic paints. The vintage metal snowflake is in a circle punched from sparkly wrapping foil, and I punched the tiny snowflakes from the foil as well. Stickles were added for detail. Everything is on the reflective side, so I hope you can have some idea of how they look; they actually look better in real life. (I had to do seven of them.)

And the other day I noticed a tiny, bright flower near the front walk, and realized they were crocus. They must have been left from the original tiny house which was torn down when our house was built.

(click for detail)

Last year I moved the daffodils which were scattered about also near the front walk and they are coming up as well.

(click for detail)

So, today we have Snowflakes and Flowers!!


  1. Love the snowflakes and how nice to see flowers coming up already!!! I sure hope too, that we don't have a cold snap in April. It was almost 80 here today. Seems weird and it isn't even March yet, which last year brought snow. Love you!!!

  2. Oh the lovely Crocus,wish I had some.
    It is 50 mph wind here and 30 degrees,feels more like 20.
    I'm thinking positve...30 days till Spring. yeah..I'm ready!
    Hugs, Amy

  3. Rebecca, your stickled art above is really beautiful. And so are the wonderful crocus blooms. Come on, Spring!!!


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