Friday, February 25, 2011

Theme Thursday - Flourishes

Ahh, yes, I know it's Friday, but with this illness, I have learned when I better lie down and not do much (or it just gets worse), and yesterday was one of those days. Soooo, today I'm doing Theme Thursday  and the subject was flourishes.

(click for detail)

I haven't done anything Asian in a while, so I chose that for my direction. This is a 4 x 4, and the background is archaic Japanese print on rice paper. The vintage image of the women was aged and put down with torn red texts and a postage stamp with a lantern over it was added. The flourishes are black "gems".

The temperature is nice today but it is exceedingly windy! The bird feeders are swinging and leaves are flying in mini dust devils. The birds here have been making their spring calls, even though it is still February and the Spring Peepers chorus is taking place each night. According to the weather forecast, it looks like it will be that way for a while (except for the wind, hopefully!) so I really hope we do not get an intense cold snap . But, after all it is still February and it's really not supposed to be doing this!

And I wanted to say thanks to all of you who read my stories on Tuesdays. I've been getting some nice comments - it certainly gives me encouragement!


  1. Very very nice! Love the flourishes and all the colors! Love you!

  2. Lovely flourishes and beautiful background. Marie

  3. lovely blog, came here via Flickr, love your art work.


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