Saturday, September 24, 2011

Chaos and Calm we have yet another painting, I'm not sure what to call it, so, umm, right now we'll say, "Untitled Mixed Media".  :)

(click for detail)

It's not a great photograph, but it's hard to get the colors without the glare. The colors are deeper and more vibrant than what you see. It's the culmination of a process I learned in the Chaos and Calm, Over the Edge Painting Techniques workshop. First we created chaos and then we calmed it down, by painting in the shapes we saw. Here's the chaos part:

(click for details)

And then, in the next picture, I flipped it upside down and took the final painting from those shapes. Or what I saw, anyway.

(click for details)

I had a bit of trouble doing the second part, because I didn't want to cover anything up! But once I got started, it took a life of its own.

I'm going to group the 3 paintings together and take a shot of them on the wall, and post that later.

Oh, I do love color!


  1. Oh, I really like the way it turned out! Wish I could do that! The beginning one looks great too, but I love the finish and the colors that you used! Love you!

  2. Did you ever do the group shot? I would love to see. Thank you so much for explaining about what the C & C class covers. I've watched the promo a dozen times and even emailed Chris about what the class covers. It sounds very much like Flora's Bloom Free technique.
    I've sound very few student work from this class on line and that concerns me. Did you enjoy the class and are you using the techniques currently?

    1. Hi LindieLee,

      SInce this was a year ago, I'm not sure I did one, but I will check that out. Perhaps the reason you haven't seen very many is because they have a place to post on the site and we all do that. I've taken several courses and have been very pleased with what I've learned and done. And of course, some classes a bit more than others. I don't know Flora Bowley, so I cannot comment. There is a sale going on right now if you wanted to check into it. From the artists I've gotten to know, I know that many do post them on their blogs, and a lot of them participate in local events and show things there. I'm hope I helped some with my answer.
      Rebecca Cook


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