Monday, September 19, 2011

Welcome To My Studio!

Well, at least part of it, the part going up the stairs. I promise I will give part 2 of the tour later. After it's a bit a lot more cleaned up!

As you come up the stairs, there is a landing where the stairs turn right. Here I have a small antique child's cupboard. It was painted white when I bought it and after I cleaned most of the white paint off, there were some wonderful hand painted figures underneath, characters from stores and nursery rhymes. Why would someone want to paint over that??
Really dumb shortsighted.

(click for detail)
The little pink child's chair in the bottom right left is French, with a stuffed doll in it.

Sidney The Fish hangs from the light fixture, he was created by an artist friend in 
Washington state, and then came to live in my studio.
(click for details)

Looking down from the top of the stairs.
(click for details)

This is a vintage French seed packet holder, which is the perfect size to hold my tags. If I need one to go on a card I'm making, they are all in one place!
(click for details)

If anyone wants closeups of the things on the cupboard, I guess will be happy to take more pictures. And give you some background of each piece!

And you MUST It would be nice if you come follow my new blog Postcards Buffet! I have so many really nice postcards and I really want to share them, and the things I've learned about the world. I hope to see you over there! Please?

The weather is so nice and cool today, as it has been for the past several days. There have been lots of clouds moving through, but none with enough rain in them to share with us. Hopefully by Wednesday it's supposed to rain, and we really need it!

Hope your Monday and the beginning of your week goes well!


  1. Love the photo's and the cupboard is charming.
    Delightful too is that seed packet holder,so perfect.

  2. Enjoyed the tour! Love the furnishings which look whimsical to me. Love you!

  3. I love the little pink chair, and I agree, the cupboard is charming. I can't see the piece on the wall to the left very clearly, but I love the colors!


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