Sunday, September 4, 2011

Art Playing

Yesterday I had lunch with a dear friend, and she had given me several items she thought would be interesting to me as art. It was one of my better days and I was hoping that the wellness feeling would carry over to today so that I could attend church, but alas, I had one of my can't-go-to-sleep nights, so I awoke very fatigued. As the morning wore on, I began to feel a bit better, so I went into my studio and made this postcard for her.

(Click for details)

It was actually started last night when I couldn't sleep.  I finished it then scanned it and so the color is not quite true, it has more lavender in it than what is showing. It's made from torn, stamped tissue as the background, then I stamped the sentiment on vellum and added a small dried orchid she had given me.The orchid has several coats of clear medium over it, so I hope it survives the trip through the Post Office. 

We are supposed to begin getting rain today and on through the next several days, from the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee. Although I know it spoils Labor Day plans for a lot of people, I am so thankful to get any rain, we need it so badly. The lakes are down again, and the farmers are struggling. 

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!


  1. What a lovely postcard.
    we're getting a cool down here in Mi. 40's at night,chilly !

  2. Hi Rebecca! It's been awhile...hope you are doing well. Your postcard is so beautiful...I love the stamped sentiment and the color is amazing. Have a wonderful Labor Day.

  3. A very sweet lovely postcard! The sentiment is so very true! It's adorable and has wonderful colors, your friend should be very pleased to receive it! Love you!


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