Saturday, December 17, 2011

Red and Black

A few days ago, I noticed that things I had taken out of the refrigerator just didn't seem as cold as they should be. Then I noticed that the frozen raspberries still in the freezer were squishable, and not hard as marbles. Hmmm..... I kept an eye on things and sure enough, it was obvious that the fridge was running down. We decided we had better go get another one, rather than wait for all things to thaw out as proof and drove to Lowe's yesterday. Lowe's is not my first choice, because we have always had Sears appliances and I'd rather have gone to Sears, but it was 45 minutes away and I just did not have the energy for facing the drive, and the crowded store at the mall. 

At Lowe's we chose a Samsung black refrigerator. Now my husband, an engineer, was the one who was the most enthusiastic about this particular appliance - I was almost too tired to care. He was very impressed with the design and the features, which was kind of funny as a role reversal! We told the salesman that we needed it as soon as possible, and it is being delivered tomorrow afternoon. So, the old almond color fridge will be out and the black sophisticated fridge in!

While we were there, a bright red chipper/shredder caught our attention and we stopped to check it out. I had mentioned last Saturday that John had cut a good many limbs off of a line of White Pines, and they were piled in the back yard. We have branches dropping out of our trees quite frequently, especially after a wind of any substance comes through. And it is almost always windy up here. So, we also bought the bright red chipper/ shredder!

John used it this afternoon, and I took some shots of our latest tool for country living.

The white bag catches all the chips, and we are putting them in the planting beds.

It was a little too noisy for the dogs to come any closer!

This last photo is one of the containers of pansies I planted earlier. This particular one is an old Hungarian baby bathtub which stands about waist high. We can see it from inside the house, which is great when I need a shot of color on a dreary day!

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  1. Congrats on the new frig and chipper. I see that John is really getting into the chipping operation! It looks like fun to me! Love the planter full of pansies. Love you!

  2. Oh Gosh must be going around. Our freezer side died,happily they fixed it but it's old. Just a matter of time.
    We have a shredder too and the dog heads for the back door when it starts.
    Have a lovely Christmas and hope the New year brings you good health.

  3. Does John have a permit for those "guns?"


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