Friday, March 16, 2012

More Texture!

Today I made some reference cards for paint and texture, to refer to as I continue in this workshop. Last evening I cut small "canvases" of about 5 x 7 out of mat board, added some heavy matte gel and torn book pages to each one. I left it to dry over night. This morning I worked with a group of acrylic paint colors for each board to create my reference library. Oh, did I have fun!!

(click for details)
Rust Attack!

(click for details)
Post No Bills 
(I think it looks like implied decaying paper!)

(click for details)
What's Hiding Under The Paint?

I used a stencil in a couple of places on this one when I applied the matte medium.

This was surely great fun to do! As much as I like texture and have used it in the past, I can feel my artist engine revving up now with all of the new possibilities!! :D

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  1. I really like them all, especially the last one. Reminds me of the bark of some trees, I used to sit in the woods with my camera and sometimes while waiting on something to come by I would notice different images in the bark. I see lots of different images hidden in your art, it's fun! Love you!!!

  2. hooray for recycled materials! :)


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