Friday, April 20, 2012

Asian Fish

Another collage, this time with shapes attached before painting, and then a few afterwards, for the Complex Collage workshop.

(click for details)

12 x 12 wrapped canvas; I found some fish images in a Dover book, drew one on deli wrap paper, attached with gel gloss, and painted; then attached a rectangular print out at the bottom. Mixed Media, with acrylics, Stabilo pencils, Micron pens, matte gel, stencils, oil pastels. 

Funny how when you are doing this, it takes a life of its own. When I am creating art, I forget about the illness and all of its limitations. Then I stare at it - wow, this came from my hands? Thank you, Lord!

Afterwards, though, I usually pay. But it's so worth it!

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  2. Well,lets see if I can spell this time!
    I really like this,everything you've done is terrific and love the color.

  3. Love it! Such great colors and I'm happy it takes you away from the illness! Love you!


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