Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rewind to 1970's

This 6 x 4 card is for Rewind Week at the Bloggerette Sorority commemorating the 1970's. I was in my twenties in the seventies, and it was a tumultuous time. Forty years later, I have no fondness for the colors or fashion of that era! It was a time of Love and Peace (not really!), drugs, Afros, Disco, Flower Children, unrest, Nixon's resignation, gas shortage and much more. I'm not nostalgic about the 1970's!

The background of the card is a floral burlap. The peace symbol is red metal (although the red isn't showing very well). I attached it to a tag in seventy colors with a firecracker brad, because it was an explosive time! Of course, you can't think about that decade without including bellbottom pants, and these have psychedelic colors swirling on them. The card is finished off with metallic painted grungeboard letters and numbers and I used a Gold Leaf pen around the edges.

Rebecca Cook

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