Monday, April 23, 2012

Journal Journey

I have often seen art journals and just as often thought of doing one. They manifest themselves in all colors, shapes, and sizes, reflecting the owner's artful thoughts and feelings. It's always a work in progress, with one journal leading to another. But I have hesitated, because I don't like to commit to something when I am so unsure of what one day will be to the next.

But in reality, we all do not know what the next day will be. And if I am too fatigued and exhausted to lift a paint brush, or glue a scrap of paper, then I won't. When I can, I will. I like being able to express in color what I may be feeling, what I have experienced and all of it with the reality of God in the mix. So, I am sharing a couple of pages of what I hope will be a full book someday, and which will lead to others.

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This is mainly scraps from around my art table, including papers I had swished paint on when I was using up leftover paint. After adding the scraps, I added some matte gel, just playing with texture, and put a little more paint on there.

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And then last night, I had difficulty going to sleep (once again) so up I went to my studio with a glass of wine and played with some stencils and paint. Then I was able to go back to bed and fall asleep for the rest of the night.

So, this is my "expressionism" as opposed to finished art. It is a fun thing to do!

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  1. Love your journal. I'm always going to do one,just never get around to it!

  2. thanks for sharing this! I've wanted to make an art journal, too.


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