Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Crossing Them Off The List

I can see the top of my work table! I actually cleaned off the top and wiped it down! Yes, that's a big deal for me because it is my least favorite thing to do in my studio - clean up. Yet it's also one of the most important things I can do because I am forever looking for an image, a small metal part or even a pen to write with. To do mixed media art like I do, you have to have things organized somewhat or it becomes very frustrating. But these kinds of things are also the hardest to organize! So many small bits, art paper, different paints, brushes, metal pieces, images I like from magazine, cards, etc. Yikes!!

But at least I made a bit of a dent this morning. Now, my drawing table beckons ........

I also sent off some correspondence which was woefully behind, and I made a card for a friend who was kind enough to give me a small bag filled with treasures to use in my art.

(click for details)

So of course I used some of the things she gave me on the card. And now that I am looking at it, I wish I had centered the small tag a bit better, but I don't think she will mind! 

Now on to the drawing table - I hope to have it free and clear!!


  1. Way to go!!! Glad you were able to get it done. Lovely card and I know your friend will love it. I love the color combinations and it's very cheery. Love you!

  2. Great minds think alike. I just cleaned off my table today...forgot how big it is !

  3. I spent yesterday cleaning out my sewing room! it feels so good to have breathing room.


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