Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tag Tuesday - Have a Heart; And a Story: Going Up!

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Going Up!
30th in the Tuesday Story Series

When I was growing up, we always looked forward to the Charleston County Fair, held during the last couple of days of October and into the first week of November. It seemed that we almost always had a cold snap right at the time, and the cooler weather increased the anticipation of going to the Fair. There were two main parts of the Fair - the Amusement Rides and the Farm and Home displays, which included everything from pigs and cows to flower arrangements and home canned pickles. It was this second area which involved my father's office, since he was the County Farm Agent for Charleston County. 

When we went to the Fair, the Farm Animal tent  was the place we went first, since it was the most important part to my Dad. When I was young, that was fine, but as I got older, I cared less about the cows and more about riding something fast! However, this story is about how I rode something fast to get to the Fair.

During Fair week, Dad would spend all day at the Fairgrounds, and then come home for dinner before going back. One afternoon, Mom told us that just my brother and I were going to the Fair that evening, there were children in diapers and Mom was not eager to drag us all out.  For my brother and me, having Dad all to ourselves was a bonus, and at that time I was still young enough to look forward to seeing the cows, goats and bunnies, although I found the flower arrangements rather boring.

As the evening drew near, my brother and I changed into warm clothes and were ready and waiting. Mom told us Dad was on his way and would be there any moment. After about 10 minutes, we heard a "whump, whump, whump" sound getting closer and closer and ran outside as the sound became so loud we would hardly hear each other. And then, in the empty lot next door, a helicopter landed and out stepped Dad!

That year at the fair, helicopter rides were available for riding around the fairground. My father had made arrangements with the pilot to fly all the way to our house (an hour drive from the Fairgrounds) just to take my brother and me back. To say we were excited would be a gracious understatement! It was twilight when it landed, with just enough light for the neighbors to see what it was invading their street. There was more than one person standing on their porch with their mouths hanging open!

After we took off, I was simply spell bound. It was the first flight we had ever taken and the pilot flew near the tree tops, but high enough that we could see familiar landmarks. Lights outlined bridges, buildings, and streets in lovely patterns and we could see across the Charleston peninsula into Mt. Pleasant. As we approached the Fairgrounds, the amusement rides all looked like lit up toys, moving and turning with colors swirling. It was, and still is, the best flight I have ever had, because it was the first flight. 

I have no idea what it must have cost my frugal father to arrange such a flight, but it was one of the best gifts he's even given us!

Hope your Tuesday goes well!


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