Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tag Tuesday - Face; And a Story: Dave Ramsey

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From DaveRamsey.com

Today I'm sharing a column from Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover. I was blessed to marry a man who has an extreme aversion to debt, and through the years we have put a lot of what Dave teaches into practice, before we ever knew who Dave Ramsey was. We have attended a live event with Dave Ramsey and it was a lot of fun and well worth the time. Since the budget and debt ceiling hoopla is everywhere on the news, I thought this would be worth reading. There is also a Facebook page, The Great Recovery where Dave is starting a movement for families and churches to join in and help move our country back to being debt free. 

Dumb Debt Ceiling, Dumb D.C.

Not being scared of what's going on in Washington


Quick show of hands: Who here has ever seen a movie?
All right ... that looks like everyone. Did you ever notice how a film can be scary, or action-packed, or suspenseful, or you wonder if the two lead characters will end up together—but since you are just watching from your theater seat, it really doesn't affect you?
That's a good way to sum up all the talk in Washington right now about thedebt ceiling. All this noise about not being able to pay Social Security checks, or how we'll suffer a catastrophic default on our debt (*COUGH*) if we don't raise the limit by August 2, or anything else is just a bunch of stinkers blowing a lot of smoke.
Yes, we need to reduce the national debt. It's very important to do that. But just like the masked killer isn't really bumping off teens at a summer camp (it's all makeup and camera angles), all the doomsday talk isn't as badas it's being made out to be.
Now, for someone who totally relies on government assistance to live, their gut is probably being wrenched right now. The thought of not receiving their check (which wouldn't be a big deal if they saved forretirement) would terrify them.
But for the person who makes their own living instead of having the government take care of them, they can sit back with some popcorn and watch all the fuss in Washington with some amusement.
We keep hammering on this point for a reason: Don't put yourself into a position where you rely on Washington to take care of you. They wouldn't care about you if they knew your situation firsthand. Republicans and Democrats are too busy arguing with each other, so solutions to your problems won't come from them. They come from you!
Your life means too much, and you are too capable, to just settle for a life provided by D.C. Go out and build your own wealth. Make your legacy great. Make it unique to you instead of being cookie-cutter.
That's the difference between you and debt. There's no ceiling on how high you can go.


  1. Love the tag and the article.

  2. The tag is great! Love the article, I always changed the channel when they started all the hoopla trying to scare people. Love you!

  3. Your tag is lovely, Rebecca. And I enjoyed reading the article. As a visitor to the homebound, I have visited several widows who were living on social security payments. I'm glad my dh and I have always been frugal. I grew up in a time of rationing sugar, gasoline and other stuff so I guess being frugal is in my blood.


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