Thursday, January 12, 2012

Heading Out

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And the art collage postcards are all heading out to the respective receivers today! Thank you to all who signed up for one!

Now, who wants to come and help me clean up my studio? Anyone? Ugh, I will never have a clean neat studio. This art genre involves so many small bits and pieces and I never quite know how to organize them. And when perhaps they are somewhat in order, they never stay that way for very long. 

I should call it  "The Always Messy Studio".


Come see my latest postcards I've received on Postcards Buffet!


  1. I'll clean your studio if you come clean mine! Maybe that's the way to do it,ask a friend.
    Look forward to my postcard.
    Warm hugs

  2. I received my postcard and LOVE it! I am very interested in your techniques. Thank you so much! Come by for a huge giveaway!

  3. I can't resist telling you how much I love these postcards. Your recipients will treasure them forever.


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